Coins for Kids: Lighting Up Lives, One Child at a Time

Our Mission and Impact: Coins for Kids is more than just a charity; it’s a beacon of hope in Washington County in Southern Utah. As a dedicated 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable organization, our sole mission is to bring the magic of Christmas to every disadvantaged child. We take pride in our operational model: 100% volunteer-driven with no administrative costs, ensuring that every penny goes towards our cause.

Reflecting on Success: In 2022, our efforts reached new heights. We registered 1,632 children from 544 families, and our community support led to the largest adoption number we’ve ever seen. This demonstrates the incredible power of generosity and collaboration within our local community.

Adopt-a-Family Program: At the heart of our mission is the “Adopt-a-Family” program. This initiative isn’t just about giving; it’s about connecting. It invites individuals, organizations, and businesses to take a hands-on approach: shopping, wrapping, and delivering gifts. This personal touch transforms the giving experience, often leaving our volunteers with a renewed understanding of the true spirit of Christmas.

Ways to Contribute:

      1. Monetary Donations: We welcome all contributions, whether cash, check or digitally.
      2. Adopting a Family: Engage directly by adopting a family, ensuring they have a memorable Christmas.
      3. Angel Trees: Set up an Angel tree in your workplace to collect gifts.
      4. Organizing Toy Drives: Rally your community or workplace to gather toys.
      5. Christmas Parties with a Twist: Redirect your gift exchange funds to help children in need or by adopting a family!

Tax-Deductible Giving: Rest assured, every contribution you make is completely tax-deductible. We rely on the kindness and generosity of our community—individuals and businesses alike—to fund this heartfelt endeavor.

Join Our Mission: Be part of this heartwarming journey. Experience the pure joy and fulfillment that comes from giving by donating, adopting a family or volunteering. Together, we can ensure the light of Christmas shines brightly for every child in our community. Join us at Coins for Kids, and be part of something truly magical this festive season.